Day 1ne!

Family running around, what’s going on? I regain consciousness and realize the time has finally came. It was four o’clock in the morning it was time that we finally began the week long vacation and our first stop was at the famous LAX Airport in Los Angeles.

After landing in the City of Angels, we headed over to Anaheim and began our vacation in Disneyland.
During day 1ne, we filled ourselves at a local tourist buffet called Captian Kidd which was located across the street from the resort, we got ourselves into the Disney spirit by buying a few items from the World of Disney store such as a Monsters University dad cap that I had bought. In my opinion, it was one of those things that were extremely unique because of the way it was similar to the one in Pixar film. Our day finally ended with a late night swim at our hotel which soon soothed our aching bodies from the countless minutes of walking. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow as I visit, California Adventure and the Disneyland park for a peek at what goes on inside one of the best tourist attractions on the west side!


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6ix Day California Serial Blog

Denver, June 20, 2017- To be able to travel with the people you love is a blessing within itself. There is an upcoming birthday in the family and I would love it if you all traveled with me through this amazing journey by my side. We will be visiting Disneyland for three days, Los Angeles, and Manhattan Beach which I am sure you will all enjoy with me!

I will be posting everyday from Monday, June 26- Saturday, June 31 at 11 am each morning to give you all an update about what happened from dusk till dawn. Thank you to all who are following SY2SYW and I can’t wait to have a great time with everybody!



The Fearless.

  1. lacking fear.
    “a fearless defender of freedom”

Produced and released in 2011, the documentary Page One: Inside the New York Times covers the trials and tribulations the New York Times had to face whether it was false journalism, the criticism of continuing to produce newspaper, or documenting their superb coverage on certain situations.

Fearless is an adjective that describes some of the journalists at the Times because they did not back down from a challenge of a threat. Some of journalists that embody the word fearless, are David Carr, Tim Arango, and Brian Stelter.

David Carr, a man who filled the word fearless by going after a topic, 150%. Carr was a relentless journalist who made sure he was going to publish a truthful story that was going to sell. After battling and successfully defeating drug addiction, health problems, or family problems, Carr did whatever he could to act on a problem and counter-act anything that came his way. One of his most notable works during the film that he focused on was the downfall of the Tribune. Those at the Tribune claim it was a hatchet job but in reality, David was reporting on a “work environment that people say it was closer to a frat house than a front line media company.” He reported on cultural issues and also sexual harassment issues that shook the journalism world top to bottom. Carr was fearless in a way that even though the Tribune threatened to sue him and the Times, Carr did not back down and published the piece anyway.

Tim Arango was able to display his amount of fearlessness by literally moving away from the confines of the safe New York Times office, and trade it all in to cover the wars that were going on in Baghdad. Even though Arango had little experience with reporting abroad, he decided to take the chance anyway and explore his pathways in the middle east. After sometime reporting in Baghdad, Tim was awarded the title of and is still the current Baghdad bureau chief of the New York Times.  Arango fills the void of being fearless by taking a chance with his career and restarting everything and still becoming successful in a field many thought he was dumb for taking.

After running a blog in his 20’s, Brain Stelter received recognition from the New York Times with the amount of content he was putting out in the world. During the documentary Stelter was doing a live about his weight loss on twitter. During his live feed on Twitter, he documented his healthy eating, and exercise which resulted in losing 90 pounds at the time. Many people in modern America or even around the world have a tough time with their weight so to see Stelter record all of this during the documentary was huge. His fearlessness was noticed by the way he was able not only continue his work at the Times, but also being able to record this feat for those wanting to see what his life was like from the personal side.

Fearless. It can be used many different forms of context and in this case described a man whose was not afraid of developing a story that could have gotten him in legal trouble. It described a man who was able to turn his life upside down and start another life in Baghdad. It also covered a man who was willing to change his life in the physical aspect and was not afraid to document it.

SY2SYW Interview: Jeff Mercier

An aspiring artist song writer, Jeff, who was yet to get his voice and art out locally speaks on migrating from Haiti to America and his plans on making it into the mainstream music scene.

Roberto Alba: Tell me about yourself and your background?

Jeff MercierGrowing up was a struggle as is anything else and moving to America was no picnic. I did not live the average life of a child, the American dream was not what it seemed. As a kid, my father and I were bouncing from house to house, going to bed hungry, and not having a stable income was part of my life. I attended Pinewood elementary school in Florida and it was tough because the other children would pick on me and hurl insults like children do. At home things were no better, my dad wasn’t the most sympathetic or understanding. A few years later my dad started dating a woman who is now my step mother.  She made me feeJeff Mercierl big when everyone else made me feel small, she lifted me up higher than the tallest mountain. After some time, his unfaithfulness drove her away and before I knew it, she looked into my eyes and said ‘Jeff, my heart… just can’t take it anymore” we sat together and cried, the next morning when I woke up she was gone. Three years later, my dad had been speaking to my stepmother again and they began rekindling what love they had. After the 8th grade my dad had decided that there was nothing left for us and we packed and moved to Denver, Colorado with my stepmother. During that time I attended and graduated from George Washington High School.

RA: From what I understand, you immigrated to America from Haiti, was there a cultural shock when you moved here?

JM: The culture was very different from Haitian culture. In America, I noticed that kids didn’t respect their elders like children did in Haiti and people aren’t as polite. The food was a nice change. My particular Haitian diet was rice, beans, and vegetables. So coming to america and eating fries, burgers, pork chops and chips was a nice change. In Haiti most of the music is love songs or dance music. In America it was very different; more vulgar language, more women in the videos and less of a meaning. There was a wide variety of changes that I had to become accustomed to.

RA:Whose choice was it to make the change?

JM: It was my dad’s choice to move to America, he thought we’d have had a better life because when you live in a 3rd world country, there isn’t much opportunity for success.

RA: How has your experience been like since the change?

JM: Since moving to America life has been hard, but I’m glad we moved to this country. When I was a child I was told how bright I am and how I’m going to do great things, like every other child hears. But I personally always knew I was meant to be great, I knew that the trials and tribulations that I went through would be nothing compared to the things I would achieve in the future.

“Music gives me a sense of freedom. I want others to see me like I’ve always wanted them to.”

RA: What inspired you to get into music?

JM:  I was in the choir and theater while I was younger. I enjoyed acting and singing, those were my two passions. Nothing else ever interested me more than singing and when I had to decided that I wanted to take music to the next level,  I started to search for a vocal teacher and eventually found one who would help me build my voice. In my heart I know this is the right path for me and I’ve made the right choice. I have never committed myself to anything like I have my music. Music gives me a sense of freedom and I want others to see me like I’ve always wanted them to.

RA: What steps have you taken to make it into the local scene?

JM: For a few months now I’ve been working with a group of people who organize and run performance classes at Performance High. They are performers themselves and know the ropes. Many of them are in bands and perform all around Denver in small venues and have been in that line of work for many years. There are two coaches who have been working with me, one for vocal and the other for stage work. I am being taught how to move on stage, address the audience, and hold the mic. I’m being trained on how to work the stage and avoid embarrassment. I have not started performing yet because I want to make sure I’m ready to get up and sing in front of others without being nervous. Once I become accustomed to the music scene I plan on finding areas willing to let me perform, paid or unpaid.

RA: Thank you for your time Jeff, good luck.

JM: Thank you.

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The Top 7 Places Coloradans Should Know About

DENVER, Mar. 17,2017- Join Roberto Alba on Twitter @SY2SYW as he goes on a 7 day trip around Downtown Denver as he ventures out to show the newest coloradans and the rest of the world some of the most historical places that made Denver what it is today.

As thousands of people begin to flood into Colorado, it is important that they know our history and how artifacts, buildings, statues, and events revolutionized this city to what it has become today. “Moving vans and cars with license plates from other states are everywhere, and that isn’t a fluke. Colorado is full of people on the move.” says Aldo Svaldi on his April 14, 2016 Article. As 1 million people have moved here the past decade, we must remind ourselves that our beautiful home is becoming widely  known as one of the best cities in the United States.

Plus, showing others the history of this state could give us all a bigger sense of pride in Colorado as we continue to expand and grow as a community. Learn about our city if you haven’t already and this 7 day serial blog will be sure to take readers on a ride that they’ll sure be taking themselves.


The College Audit.

Community College of Denver. One of the most diverse colleges in Colorado that is standing on one of the most historic campuses known as Auraria Campus gets audited on March 6, 2017.

What could go wrong what shall we do? When it feels like the auditors

are coming for you..

Join me, Roberto Alba on Twitter @SY2SYW to see the live tweeting as the Community College of Denver is being audited. If you do not know what it is let me help explain on an article called, Tax Tips: 7 Red Flags That Can Get You Audited it explains why someone or something such as an institution or a business can get audited.

This article explains seven ways you can get audited but I’ll only explain a few of these and how someone can get audited. The first talked about Math errors. Dana Levit, owner of Paragon Financial Advisors says, “This is one of the top reasons for an audit.” When it comes to make mistakes with arithmetic, it can lead to you getting audited.

The second was, Submitting Inconsistent Information. If an institution is getting audited, it could be that the paper they are submitting is not consistent to what they usually submit which turn into a problem with the IRS and they will likely come after you.

One of the last ones was Filing a Business Return. If there is a problem with these returns like Dana says,  “The rule of thumb I’d always use is, if you’re running a loss three out of five years, it starts to get questionable.” So losing money is also a red flag to the IRS as well.

So join me as I live tweet the audit from the Community College of Denver and if you’re a student, professor, alumni, or just a person interested in this then you’re more than welcome to join me on twitter! See you on Monday!

To or To Not Crowdsource?

Crowdsourcing has been an amazing that has been helping millions of people try to solve and get solutions to thousands of problems that has our world is still searching the answers for. This is exactly what crowdsourcing focuses on because individuals or even groups try to solve a problem that is might even end up rewarding those who were successful with money or an educatwoheadstion. One site that has done exactly that is the Climate CoLab at MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence. These Climate labs have collaborated notable companies such as, Nike, Union of Concerned Scientists, Climate Interactive, World Green Building Council, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Thomson Reuters Foundation, and more! What MIT’s approach they had for the CoLab was simple.

“Anyone can join the Climate CoLab community and participate. Community
members are invited to submit and comment on proposals outlining ideas for what
they think should be done about climate change.”

MIT’s CoLab is here for those people who have strong innovations and ways to help fight climate change. And those who have shown the strongest proposals that can describe how further actions can be taken, a strong outline to show how those actions can be accomplished, explain why the actions are desirable, and to specify the impact the actions will have. Those who send out these proposals can have them supported by those who are called community members. They can like, comment, and even contribute to those proposals as well. But people with the most expertise will have the final say and provide guidance to throughout the contest. Advisors will then hire expert judges to review the proposals and select semi-finalists based on, novelty, feasibility, impact, and presentation. These semi-finalists will then get the chance to refine their proposals before the second round of judging begins. They can also add new contributors to their proposals too. After there are semi-finalists selected for the final round, voting continues and the top vote-getters receive popular choice awards and those winners will get a chance to present their proposals, enter into the Climate CoLab winners programs and are eligible for a $10,000 grand prize, and also wide recognition from the MIT Climate CoLab. This contest has brought many of the best minds upfront to try to change for example, the Net Zero Foundation, whose pitch was, “100% Net Zero Carbon for all Buildings. MIT 60-80% NZ for free! #DivestTheCampus — Join the #NetZeroMovement to save the Planet!.” The Net Zero group plans on using the Net Zero solution to have owners eliminate all utility costs, communities win by saving energy, The Net Zero Foundation explains their way to change the world by explaining that, “This vast solar energy supply allows us to create a new class of buildings/campuses that are called Net Zero Carbon (NZ). Implementing NZ is a Systems Engineering task combining Energy Efficiency (EE), Geothermal Heat Pumps (GHP), Thermal Storage, Photovoltaics (PV), Battery Storage, and other “Clean Energy” (CE) from the grid (Wind, etc.). Some NZ Commercial Buildings already exist in the U.S.[24], and the pace of NZ construction/‌conversion is increasing.” So through MIT’s CoLab Crowdsourcing, they were able the help great minds present their work and try to help our world eliminate carbon emissions and save the next generation.

When Nostalgia Hits.

Growing up during a time when in the 90’s, 80’s, or the 70’s, we all remember waking on Saturday morning with a bowl of cereal on your lap while you watched Ren & Stampy, Pokemon, or even the Power Rangers brings a lot of memories back. But having to grow up, your taste may change but you will always love those shows you woke up and watched in the early am. Then hearing about how those shows and knowing they are bringing out games such as Pokemon Go which is an app that was released 2016 and had over 100 million downloads or knowing that Power Rangers is coming out with another movie in 2017, many will realize that, that is the feeling when…

When nostalgia hits.

But unknowingly, to find out comic books are still being made and articles such as Breaking Down the Origins of the Power Rangers Comic’s Evil New Ranger are still giving us (the people who still have a little bit of kid left inside of them)  more and more Image result for saban power ranger #12 comicinformation about what is going on in these alternate universes. But to also realize that bloggers such as James Whitbrook who has taken the time to describe what is exactly happening during these newer comics that have been released. James describes himself as the person who “reads the comics, so you don’t have to!” The article is based off of Power Rangers #12 in which it reveals how there is a new ranger who was created by Rita the Moon Witch who is using the green ranger to her advantage by trying to take over the world even after numerous defeats. The article even takes a slight political turn as James compares Donald Trump to the infamous Moon Witch as he describes that,”she wants to make Earth great again.” and also as i09 is interviewing Kyle Higgins who is the series writer to the Power Ranger comic books answers a question about what gave him the idea of  having Rita slowly taking over Earth by saying, “If our current political situation in the U.S. is any indication, entirely believable. I mean, is a Moon Witch convincing the people of Earth to let her rule them any more outlandish than Donald Trump?” So even as we are taken into this whole other world in a comic book, the consumers who are reading these comics are reading situation about situations. So having this article reach a political standpoint wouldn’t have been necessary unless Higgins commented on it and I think James capitalized perfectly on that.

Blogging and its importance.

Good afternoon bloggers in the blogosphere!


Ever wondered about what blogging has done for us as journalists? It has made independent it has made us whether its separated us from our mindsets, views, and our e2054107736_33b631838c_qveryday lives but at the same time it has brought many cultures, men and women of different ages, and people with different skin tones together to realize that we all one. Blogging itself gives us the confidence to share or opinions with a world about historical events we may be witnessing before our eyes or even occurrences we are witnessing around our communities. Blogging allows us to post and make content that embodies the person who is behind the keyboard and what they want represent. It’s important that we the people stand up for what believe is right or wrong. Blogs are able to address issues that are controversial whether it’s Donald Trump labeling Mexicans as rapists or openly being a racist, or even sexist and honestly, no hay peso, there’s no problem because bloggers know what is actually true and like real journalists, we don’t believe a man who puts on a show for other people who have limited view of the world. The purpose that a blog is also supposed to serve is endless, they can be about anything whether it’s about politics, video games, religion or even a certain lifestyle. So, a blog is what you decide to make it; it is like being able to decorate your room, your style of clothing, or even the way you decide to present yourself. There is really no right or wrong or way to say how a blog is supposed to look anyway. Whoever you are around your family, friends, or even around a group strangers is likely going to represent that person who designs their own blog they way they want. A blog can either be, your Facebook page, twitter page, Instagram page, or even a your WordPress page. Blogs can have millions of different appearances because non of which will look the same because of the way we all have our own train of thought. Even blogging itself has changed journalism because it is not always about having to give your work to a publisher and having them pick out pieces from the work to make it more appealing, bloggers can just post what they like and give their ideas about certain topics without having to worry about the work being sent back to them. Even companies are beginning to take in bloggers so in a source by Felix Salmon called  How blog have changed journalism, he says, “news sites are becoming bloggier, with more assiduous editorial standards, while big blog sites are becoming newsier; that trend is likely to continue. But it’s still possible to make a name for yourself by starting a blog!” So even official sites are even accepting bloggers to help run their site is HUGE. Not only are sites letting some bloggers go nuts, in the same article, Felix Salmon says, “Blogging has clearly given readers a much wider range of news sources to choose from, and it’s great that readers are no longer confined to getting their news from a handful of outlets.” This quote is also important to take note of because bloggers are able to have more than just the information that has been published by big media outlets.